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Environmental cutlery is harmless to the human body, nontoxic, tasteless, easy to degrade, no pollution in the process of production, use and destruction. The quality of the product completely meets the national food hygiene requirements. After the use of the product, it has the characteristics of easy recovery, easy disposal or easy to eliminate.


Disposable environmental tableware made of disposable tableware made of plastic disposable lunch boxes are mainly two kinds of PP polypropylene and PS polystyrene, all nontoxic, tasteless and odorless, PP softer, the general use of PP is -6 degree to +120 degree, so it is especially suitable for hot food, which can be heated in the microwave oven, or can be cooked in the steam cabinet, and can be put into ice. The box is used in cold storage.



Characteristics of environmental tableware

1、环保卫生 Environmental Hygiene


The crystal plastic tableware products produced by PS material are non-toxic, tasteless, crystal clear, environmental sanitation, no distortion and no leakage.

2、安全无毒 safety and innocuity


Environmental tableware is made of food grade material PS.

3、干净无菌 Clean asepsis


Environmental cutlery is made of precision injection molding equipment after 260 degree high temperature injection molding, UV disinfection and automatic water aseptic packaging.

4、外观精致 Exquisite appearance


The environmental protection tableware is transparent and crystal, and its appearance is simple and exquisite.

5、一次性使用 One-off use


Disposable environmentally-friendly tableware is used for a single time to eliminate infectious diseases in the catering process.


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